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6 Tips for Activities That Can Maximize Your Thanksgiving Break

Pond in front of a walking path with autumn leaves surrounding it.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all the good in our lives and reconnect with family and friends. Whether you’re going home for the holiday or having a friends-giving, it is a time for all us students to relax and take a break before finals period. There are many different activities hosted in communities as well as family traditions going back 50 years or more, so with Turkey Day just around the corner, we’ve put together some suggestions to help you make the most of the upcoming break:

1. Races around New York

Many may see Thanksgiving as a day of indulging in turkey or spending time with loved ones, but some also see it as the perfect day to run. Thanksgiving Day is one of the most popular running days of the year, with various races happening in almost every major city. The typical Turkey Trot is a 3-6 mile race that occurs in various different cities around the country. So get your exercise in before you sit down for the big meal later in the day.

2. Macy’s Day Parade

Take a break and watch the 90th Macy’s Day Parade from New York City. Every year, various music artists, celebrities, and performers take part in the parade as a way to welcome the holiday season. While it’s fun to watch it at home in your pajamas, the real excitement takes place from being there to see all the performances make their way down from Central Park West 75th St. With no cost to watch the parade, this is a perfect way to entertain visiting friends and family. You might even see our own College of Optometry in the background when the parade hits 42nd Street!

3. Football

On TV, live, or with your group, football season is in full swing. So in preparation for the big meal or as a break afterward, sit down and enjoy a football game! The Lions vs. Vikings is at 12:30 PM on CBS, The Redskins vs. Cowboys at 4:30 PM on Fox, and the Steelers vs. Colts at 8:30 pm on NBC. Create new traditions by gathering around the TV and watching the game! Or, to start things early, cheer on the 4 Division III SUNY schools that are competing in the postseason – 3 bowl games and 1 playoff game on Saturday and Sunday, November 19-20. Finally, test your athleticism and take some time to head outside with those you’re gathering with on Thanksgiving for a small game of flag or touch football. Winners get first choice of pie after dinner!

4. Reconnect With Friends From Home

Going back home after a long semester is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s a chance to re-set your mind and get away from the busy that is school and work. Be sure to catch up on old times and all your friends’ and family members’ new adventures in life. Remember, quality time with good company is essential.

5. Binge Watch

Who doesn’t love a good TV or movie marathon? Take a brain break by checking out one of the many new shows added to Netflix. In November, there are new episodes of the Netflix original The Crown as well as the highly anticipated revival of Gilmore Girls. Or, you can take some time to watch a movie that has a SUNY connection to it!

6. Volunteer

Most importantly, Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for everything we have. Many people use this day as a day to go out and volunteer, donate and make a difference in their communities. While back at home, a generous way to spend a day is by giving back to your community through food drives, meal prep, and much more. Our 30 Days of Giving campaign, which starts on Thanksgiving Day, showcases how important community service is on various campuses. So during your break, make a difference in your community!

And don’t worry if you don’t get to make it home this year. You can always check out the Thanksgiving feast your campus community should be hosting. So enjoy yourselves this week students. When you return, finals are just around the corner!

November 18, 2016




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